The company S-TRE s.r.l. has been successfully working on the domestic and international markets since1979, standing out for the following strong points:  care dedicated to details, product quality and compliance with the MADE IN ITALY brand standards.
The company is specialised in the manufacture of chairs and stools, chairs for the elderly, children’s chairs and stools, armchairs, tables and some complementary furniture, carefully following new trends in style as well as market demands.
Several different types of wood are used in the production process, such as beach, ash and oak. The products may be supplied as finished, kit furniture or partially assembled, assembled in the raw or polished.
The company is also available to make custom furniture upon request, to develop and create products or to follow design processes, with quality guarantee at all times.  

Experience in craftsmanship and technology allow S-TRE s.r.l. to be productively flexible in meeting the demands of single markets as well as customer requirements.